Essential ways that technology can help your business

Essential ways that technology can help your business

Technology is everywhere and has dramatically affected the way businesses function. In fact, we’ve seen that the integration of technology can help businesses of all sizes, including small businesses.

Have you considered how technology could benefit your small business? It can feel like an enormous effort to make changes and begin using new technologies. While implementing and adapting to new technology may feel a bit overwhelming, there are many benefits you may be missing. These benefits can include everything from making processes more efficient, to helping you keep track of valuable data in your day to day operations.

We’ve put together a list of areas where you might consider exploring new tech options to take your business to new levels of productivity and efficiency.


Who couldn’t use some help with productivity? Here are some technology ideas that can boost your company’s productivity:

Time tracking software: these tools can help track employees’ time and how it was spent. This type of information can help improve processes, productivity and keep everyone accountable.

Project management tools: help to keep stay up to date with your daily tasks. Not only that, but they’re great for tracking the progress of your projects, too.

Develop a digital filing system: this is a great way to keep all your important documents, presentations, images, brochures and more in order. You’ll never have to worry about lost or misplaced documents again.

Email management process: emails can be completely overwhelming. One minute your inbox is nice and neat, then the next it’s filled to overflowing. By creating a process to manage email, you’ll have more control of your inbox and won’t have to miss important messages in the mess.

Consider turning off email notifications on your smartphone and computer. This way you won’t be distracted by incoming messages at all times of the day or night. It’s also helpful to set a timer and “batch process” your emails. Just set aside a specific time of the day to respond to messages, delete junk, and more. Create a process that works for you, and your inbox will be more manageable in no time!


This is another place small businesses may feel overwhelmed and fall behind. However, keeping tracking of and managing your financials is crucial to your business success. Consider using these methods to improve this area:

Use an online invoicing service: this is a great way to reduce costs of collecting payments from clients, while tracking money that’s incoming. You’ll no longer have to fill out each individual invoice, which can be time consuming. Instead, you can batch invoice. Invoices are then instantly sent to clients and there’s a lower risk of invoice documents being lost in the mail. Some services also give you the capability to track each invoice and see when it’s been opened. You’ll have less paperwork, save money and time that can be better used elsewhere in your company.

Use accounting software to track finances: there are many benefits for using accounting software for your business. For instance, accounting software allows you to keep all accounting information in one place. This includes bills, income, and more. If you’re not sure a bill’s been paid, simply look it up. It’s fast and easy; you won’t have to dig through piles of papers or through messy filing cabinets to find the answer.

Another benefit of using accounting software is that you’ll have more accurate financial information on your business. All calculations are done by the software, which works to eliminate errors and some human mistakes. You’ll also find it faster and easier to calcite taxes and create financial reports. Instead of doing all the bookkeeping by hand, use an accounting software.

And one more thing—even if you have an accountant, they will be very happy if you use accounting software. You’ll be making their job that much easier and faster by switching over to digital record keeping. Just share the file with them, and they can easily create reports and more.


Many small businesses fail to realise that technology can even be helpful in their marketing efforts. Here are some tech ideas that may benefit your business:

Use software to create a marketing plan: consider using a tool such as MailChimp for your online marketing efforts. When you’re just starting out, MailChimp has a free account that allows you to have up to 2,000 email subscribers. Using the free version of the tool lets you learn how to use it effectively. When you are comfortable and have more subscribers, then you can consider moving to the paid version.

Use social media tools: business promotion can also include using social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and more. Target those platforms that are used by competitors in your industry, know your target audience, and then use social media to grow your business.

Social media is a great way to grow your audience, build relationships with customers and partners, and gain awareness for your brand. Most of the tools are free to use, which is a great option if you have to keep an eye on the budget.

Start a blog: while this may seem like trite advice, the fact is that blogs are still an effective marketing tool, especially for small businesses. This is a great way to increase SEO with new, relevant content. It’s also a great method to increase customer engagement and relationships. And it’s another amazing way to increase brand awareness, getting your company’s name recognised in the industry.


The use of telecommuting tools is another beneficial method to increase productivity in your small business. Consider these methods:

Using mobile office tools: create a mobile office by adapting business processes to mobile devices. You might consider Microsoft Office 365, which is a very popular app even for small businesses. This type of mobile office tool can make it easy to work a laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone. Another essential is to have a secure, stable Internet connection.

Use smartphone apps: can help you get work done even on the go. Consider mobile office apps that allow you to read, edit, and write documents on the go. You can also use apps such as DropBox or other online cloud storage tools to keep business files stored in a central location, where they’re easily accessed and shared.

Each of these technology tools can be used alone, or in combination with some of the others to keep your business organised and increase productivity. By taking advantage of technology, you’ll soon have your business operating more efficiently, have better financial records and more!