Changing IT suppliers can be stressful and frustrating. For this reason, most companies tend to put up with their existing suppliers even though they remain unhappy with the service being delivered.

We understand that transferring suppliers can be difficult so we ensure that this process runs as smoothly as possible. Some of the steps we take to ensure a smooth transfer are:
  • Before we ever engage a client, we carry out a detailed free-of-charge and free-of-obligation review so we can understand your network and your business from the outset.
  • We will identify any key issues, including a plan for addressing them and best practices for your industry.
  • We will have prepared a detailed plan for the transfer of services and responsibilities to Mansys. To ease this process, we will assign a principal engineer who will be based on-site for X number of days. X being however long it takes.
  • All our teams from Helpdesk, Field Service and Third Line will be fully briefed on:
    1. Key users
    2. About your business
    3. Your infrastructure
    4. Third-party contacts
    5. Existing network issues
At some point we encourage all our clients to visit our offices and meet the department heads, and members of the Helpdesk team. We usually find that having met team members, clients find it easier to log and escalate a problem.
  • I certainly don't have the time or necessary technical ability to sort out the computer problems that inevitably arise - that's why I rely upon Mansys for instant solutions and advice at a realistic price.

  • As a forensic accountant and commercial mediator, my IT systems are essential to my business. Mansys meet all my needs. Their engineers can diagnose faults remotely, or call on me for more major works.

  • Their proactive approach and an excellent team of engineers have provided us with a secure and robust IT system. We were reassured that we were getting the best and most reliable service.

  • I have always found them cheerful, helpful, and very knowledgeable. They always keep me going.

  • From the outset, Mansys have had the knowledge and experience to fully understand and respond quickly to our IT requirements.

  • Mansys stepped in and supported our organisation through a transitional stage. This helped us to save time and costs. Mansys have offered ‘rapid response’ when needed. Technical staff are ready at hand to assist and answer queries no matter how small.

  • Having recommended their services already – we would do so again to anyone who is in need of IT support.

  • We have worked with Mansys over a decade. During this time we have enjoyed an honest, reliable, consistent and innovative approach to finding cost effective IT solutions.

  • Time is taken to consider our needs ensuring we receive the type of service we required coupled with agreed budgets not being breeched, important for any business.

  • The team at Mansys understand how our company operates as they have taken the time to research, which we feel is key in any client supplier relationship. They provide sensible solutions and provide sound advice on future investment and development of our IT systems and technology.

  • Mansys are one of those wonderful finds, who can really help SMEs get on with doing what they do best. We have been using them for ten years now.