IT Support: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

IT Support: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When it comes to choosing an IT company to support your network, there are many choices. Many businesses believe that going with a bigger IT company is best. However, bigger is not always the best choice for your IT support.

With a larger company, you have to deal with a huge tech team, which can cause some problems.

Lack of Personal Attention and Friendly Service

Think of the number of times you’ve had to make calls to a large company. If a problem is complex, you may have to make several calls. Each time you talk with a different customer service rep and you have to explain the entire story to them yet again. By this point you’re feeling highly frustrated and feel as if no one really cares. This is what can happen by going with a larger IT support company.

Some of the larger IT support companies also outsource their work overseas. We believe in a world economy, but if the tech and the customer can’t understand one another well, that’s a problem.

On the other hand, with a smaller, local IT support company, you’ll often have friendly, personalised support when you need it. Some companies may even assign a rep, such as a project manager, to deal specifically with your company. This way, the rep becomes very familiar with your IT system, your IT team and your business. You and the rep get to know one another, and service can be catered directly to your specific issues every time.

And if you don’t have the same tech all the time, at least the smaller IT company still has the opportunity to get to know you and your IT network more personally. This is best for everyone.

As a customer you can offer feedback to a large or small IT firm; however, the smaller firm is more likely to listen to your feedback and make changes. It’s easier to manage changes in a smaller company, whereas with a larger firm, there are many departments, people, and more that make changes more difficult. In other words, the smaller IT company is more adaptable.

Getting Your Problem Fixed

With a larger IT company, when you call in with a problem, it’s often accepted by the tech, but then is triaged. This means that the larger, more important problems receive attention first. Smaller problems are sorted out later, if at all. If you have an IT problem, you need it fixed quickly—even if it’s a small problem. This is because larger firms are driven by high profit margins, not by what’s in their clients’ best interests.

When you choose to go with a smaller IT company, your IT issues will be taken care of immediately. A smaller company will take care of your problem quickly, so you can get back up and running faster. Now, it can occasionally happen that the smaller company has a serious issue to deal with for another customer. In that case, they will get back to you as soon as they can. But this is often much faster than a larger company; in fact, with a larger company, you may fall through the cracks all together. However, to the smaller IT company, your business is their bread and butter, so they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Small Clients May Not Be Treated Equally

What happens if you’re a smaller client and work with a large IT firm? In many cases, it can happen that smaller client may not receive the same level or type of treatment as much larger clients. And larger IT firms often put their top clients on priority, so they sit at the top of the queue. If you’re smaller client, you may not receive the same level of service.

On the other hand, by working with a small IT firm, small and large clients are treated the same. Each one receives the same level of fast service they need. They don’t look at the value of your business—instead, the smaller IT firm takes your business seriously and treats you the same as their larger clients.

Summing It Up

Overall, with a small IT support company that’s local, you’ll receive personalised service when you need it. The team at the smaller company will get to know you, your employees and your network in ways that are just not possible for a larger company to manage.

Even when you have a small problem, the small IT firm will be there to get it sorted out and fixed quickly. Small IT issues can cause large problems for a business—letting a small problem go on for days may cause you to lose customers. That’s no small thing. With the smaller IT company, you’ll be back and up running sooner.

Most of the time, it’s best to go with your small local IT support firm. They’ll be ready to help you when you need it, get you back up and running sooner, and will get to know personally know your company. This means you’ll receive better service overall, which is important for the health and growth of your business.