Why pursue Cyber Essentials (CE)?

Why pursue Cyber Essentials (CE)?

Having Cyber Essentials accreditation opens many doors.


It proves that you take cyber security seriously. It also shows that you are taking responsibility in regards to upcoming GDPR and changes to the way in which data is handled.


Many local authorities and NHS bodies are beginning to insist that their suppliers have this certification and it is increasingly being seen as standard as part of many tenders.


Can you afford not to be certified?


What are the five technical controls involved in Cyber Essentials?


The Cyber Essentials programme outlines five technical controls that you can put in place today to protect your organisation from cyber threats. They are:


1.Install a firewall


A firewall effectively creates a “buffer zone” between your IT network (computers) and the broader internet. The zone allows internet traffic to be analysed to see whether it’s safe and can be allowed on your network.


2. Update the settings on your devices to the most secure options


In order to make sure your devices are as safe as they can be, you need to alter the default settings. In most cases this means making sure that you are using strong passwords to protect accounts, and activating two-factor authentication wherever this is possible.


3. Control who has access to your data


Give staff the minimum amount of data necessary for them to complete their duties. Don’t share unnecessary information that they don’t need. Unnecessary permissions increase the risk of a data breach. If an account or login is misused or stolen, this minimises the potential risk to your organisation.


4. Protect your systems from viruses


Malicious software can easily reach your devices via the internet, USB sticks or email attachments. The best way to protect from these threats is to utilise free or paid-for antivirus software.


5. Update your software regularly


Manufacturers regularly release updates for their software in response to specific vulnerabilities and other security considerations. It is important to keep all software and devices updated so that you benefit from the latest security protection.


How to get certified:


Getting certified is simple. It takes just three steps:


  1. Contact Mansys


  1. One of our dedicated engineers will implement changes to your systems and processes


  1. Complete the self-assessment questionnaire


Why choose Mansys?


We’ve supported many organisations to become Cyber Essentials ready since the inception of the scheme. We simplify the 5 technical controls into simple and small action points. This means that when its time to complete your self certification, you’re sure to pass with flying colours.


We’re so confident in our services that we guarantee you’ll pass first time. We also provide training and consultancy services, and directly implement the changes required for you to gain accreditation. If you are interested in pursuing the Cyber Essentials certification, please get in touch today and see how we can help.


For more information on CE please visit: https://www.cyberessentials.ncsc.gov.uk/