Windows or Mac? Which is the Right OS for You?

Windows or Mac? Which is the Right OS for You?

Whether you’re a Mac or Windows user, you know there’s been a long-running debate about which OS is better. Some swear by their Windows machines, while Mac users believe their devices are supreme! The debate is usually divided!

But when it comes right down to it, which is the better operating system for you? What it all comes down to is your own personal preferences and the amount of security you require.

There’s no question that both operating systems have a lot to offer. The largest differences between them, in fact, come from the fact they operate a bit differently from one another.

We’re not here to discuss all the merits that each OS has to offer. Instead, we’ll focus on the OS and how they may meet your security needs.

Apps Can Be a Problem

Windows PCs allow you to download and install apps from third parties. While this can make the device more flexible, it also makes it easier to mistakenly download malware to the system. It is possible to use free antivirus software from the Windows store; however, it may not be as strong as paid software when it comes to keeping your PC free of malicious software.

On the other hand, Apple has very strict control of what apps and software can be installed on their devices. Plus, they tend not to have as much bloatware as Windows PCs. However, this means Apple users lose some of the flexibility that goes with a PC. That means they must jailbreak their devices. This breaks the warranty and support, however, from Apple. Not a good situation to be in.

When it comes to the Apple security system, this OS provides more advanced protection that’s more difficult for malware and viruses to attack. However, there are threats that are pointed directly towards Apple devices. So, they can be attacked, too, just not quite as easily as a PC. It is possible to use free antivirus software for Mac, however,

This is one of the main reasons users are attracted to iOS devices. They value the tighter security offered by the OS over Windows devices. Plus, Apple machines are not as highly targeted by hackers, which makes them appear less vulnerable to attacks.

If your device is used for storing and exchanging very secure information and confidential data, then a Mac may be the best option for you. But remember that no system is 100% secure against attacks. Macs are facing more issues as their popularity increases.

Browser Safety

Windows native browser is Microsoft Edge, which was created to replace the older Internet Explorer browser. The reason for the change was that Explorer, while much loved, was a real security issue for PCs.

However, Windows users don’t just have to rely on Microsoft Edge. Windows gives them the option to choose third-party browsers such as Google Chrome, FireFox, and more. These browsers are highly respected due to their faster update cycles.

Windows also has a faster update cycle when it comes to security patches, which are usually released on a weekly basis. Even so, they don’t do as well with their diagnostic approach. Many feel this leaves much to be desired.

When it comes to Macs, they use Apple’s Safari browser, which was recently updated to add more dynamic ad-blockers. The reason for the update is the continuing encroachment of undisclosed tracking, unwanted (and much hated!) pop ups, and the need to block intrusive ads. Each of these functions can carry malware that infects a device, even a Mac.

For these reasons, Apple’s Safari was ranked higher than Microsoft Edge. Safari is considered to be a superior and more secure browser.

Security Maintenance

In a comparison of security maintenance between the two operating systems, it’s clear that Apple OS doesn’t need as much security maintenance as Windows. This is because there are fewer threats to the Mac. However, keep in mind that this is because not as many people use Macs around the world. As the number of Macs continues to grow in the world, the threats they face will increase.

This is why non-tech people turn to Macs most often. The devices are easier to run and maintain, with fewer threats to worry about. The problem here, though, is that some users become complacent and forget that their devices can be threatened by malware and other types of security issues. This can make their devices more susceptible to attack.

Windows OS requires much more care when it comes to security. While both systems do offer anti-malware solutions, Windows users still need to be more watchful and persistent when it comes to updating their system components. There’s no question that PCs face a much higher threat of attack than Macs.

Update Frequency

When it comes to updating frequency, Macs fall a little bit behind Windows machines. This is because Apple is not as fast to solve cybersecurity issues as Windows. The Mac OS doesn’t require constant updating because hackers are not targeting these machines as much as PCs. This all means that Macs are slower to update, which can be a problem when a security patch is needed.

Windows, on the other hand, is very proactive (most of the time!) when it comes to their update and security patches. They’re proactive and seek to find solutions quickly, or they have to deal with millions of very unhappy customers!

Threat Increase

There’s no question that Windows PCs have, over the years, seen the highest number of threats. However, in recent years, those threats have not grown as exponentially as they have for Macs. This doesn’t mean that PCs aren’t under as much threat as they once were. That’s just not the case.

At the same time, threats against Macs have been increasing at an alarming rate. Most attacks tend to come from malicious downloads. As hackers become even better at finding vulnerabilities in the Mac OS, you can expect cyber threats to increase even more in the future.

Summing It Up

It’s clear that both Mac and Windows have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Which OS  you choose depends on your own tech skills and your security requirements.

When it comes right down to it, we recommend buying a device that feels more familiar to you and more comfortable. No matter which OS you choose, it’s essential to ensure you have plenty of cybersecurity controls on the device to deal with malicious attacks.