What to Look for in an Effective Tech Support Package

What to Look for in an Effective Tech Support Package

Outsourcing has become an effective business model for many businesses. And it can help companies focus on their core business while also controlling expenses. 

But there are so many different tech support packages available today. So, how do you know which one to choose? What should you look for in an effective support package? These are some of the questions we’ll answer in this article. 

Why is Tech Support Important? 

Tech support is one of the most challenging points of contact; however, it’s essential to a business partnering with an MSP. The goal is to find a partner who understands the support you need and how to provide it to your business. 

When you have the right tech support, you have a partner who is interested in ensuring your business stays secure and has the ability to scale over time. They want your success as much as you do! 

Things to Look for in an Effective Tech Support Package

Proactive Support

Some tech support companies take a “wait until it breaks” stance on fixing problems. But using this method means problems could quickly become more serious. On the other hand, fixing problems while they’re still small makes more sense. Tech companies that take a “wait and see” attitude are outdated and cost your business time and money. 

However, the right MSP (managed services provider) takes a proactive stance on monitoring your system. They maintain and monitor the entire system. The result is the MSP can detect and cope with problems before they happen without your company even realising there’s an issue. 

An MSP should also predict when you need to change or upgrade your company devices, software, and security. This keeps your business from developing unexpected costs and encourages better budgeting. 

Ongoing Expert Advice & Guidance

When your network and systems need to be updated, an MSP should do this with the future in mind. The problem is that some MSPs may say it’s time to buy a new server. However, later they may realise that cloud services are cheaper, provides more features, and is more flexible. 

The right tech support package should include a Virtual IT Director, who offers advice on technology, answers your questions, and looks for ways to improve your business IT with the future in mind. 

Focus on Cybersecurity

Cyber threats are increasing daily, with attackers being able to breach large companies, SMEs, and individuals. So, an effective tech support package should recommend investing in security to keep the business safe, along with its reputation. 

The right IT management package should include quarterly security audits, anti-virus, anti-spam, 24/7 monitoring & alerting, backup, and disaster recovery, along with end-user security training. 

It’s also necessary to ask managed IT partners what security guards they have in place for themselves. If they don’t take security seriously, they’re not the right tech support company for you. 

Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning

What would happen if your business suffers a cyberattack? What will your support partners plan for getting your business back up and running? 

Data breaches and other cyberattacks are perilous for companies. And if a business has backup systems that are not compatible with one another, the company could face a huge disaster and disruption. We’re talking about the loss of credibility, trust, and revenues! 

On the other hand, a good backup and disaster recovery solution has the ability to backup all your company’s systems data every hour for optimal data recovery. And you can be fully operational within 30 minutes of a server failure or disaster. 

Your company’s data should also be stored in various places, including in the cloud and on-premises.

Technology Partners for Platforms you Use

When evaluating a possible IT partner, it’s necessary to depend on reviews, professional assessments, and certifications to ensure that you hire the right IT support team. 

It’s key to ensure your technology partners use the same platforms you do. Otherwise, the IT support team may not be able to support your business needs correctly.

Requires Minimal Effort to Get Help

When things go wrong, as they will, a tech support service should make it fast and easy to find their contact information. The MSP should provide your business with all available contact options that apply. They should offer preferred contacts, email addresses for fast assistance, chat assistance, and more. 

Avoid any MSP that makes it almost impossible to contact them. 

Offer Self-Service Options

Some issues can be fixed without reaching out to your MSP. The right tech support package includes a knowledge database that helps employees find the assistance they need easily and quickly. The database may be text-based, and that’s OK. 

Some MSPs also include webinars, FAQ sections, and more. These resources can help employees solve their own problems and only reach out for help when they’re not able to find a solution. 

Balance Between Doing Things Their Way or Anything Goes

When you invest in a tech support package, the last thing you want is to have them say your business needs to work in a certain way. This “certain way” may be what’s best or more comfortable for the IT partner rather than your business. And that’s not going to make for a good working relationship. 

An MSP with an “anything goes” attitude usually won’t be effective in working with you and your employees. You and your MSP need to have similar ways of communicating, expectations, and more. 

So, it’s best to look for a tech support package that offers a single central SaaS platform, such as Microsoft environment and has two to three options for standard hardware. 

Good Customer Service

As a client, you want to know if the tech support package also includes good customer service. There’s a vast difference between a customer service employee who cares and not. A great MSP will work hard to ensure your customer experience is positive at all levels. 

For this reason, it’s essential to carefully consider whom you partner with. Before choosing an MSP, be sure to read their reviews, ask for references to their most recent clients and ask these individuals about their experience with the MSP and how good their customer service was. 

Summing It Up

Be sure to check MSP’s references and contact their most recent clients to ask about the quality of the company’s customer service. Read through the information on the tech support packages an MSP offers, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Partnering with an MSP can be a huge investment, one you want to ensure is the best for your business.   

The right tech support partner is essential to your business. So, take the time to find the one that shares your core values and provides the services your company requires.