What are the benefits of business call recording? 

What are the benefits of business call recording? 

Most companies are searching for ways to improve their sales, customer service, and more. One tool that some businesses are turning to is call recording.

Calling recording allows you to record telephone conversations that can be saved in a digital audio format when using a VoIP system. This gives you the ability to playback, store, retrieve and share call recordings.

This type of service is helpful for a wide range of businesses including call centres, bank & trading floor, and more.

What is VoIP Call Recording? 

This is a type of VoIP service that allows for the recording of a phone conversation. It records both sides the conversation and then saves the recording as a digital audio file.

There are different types of call recording including:

  • Hosted call recording: does not require major equipment on-site. The service is hosted at a central office by the provider, and your company connects via the web. All the hardware and recording servers are at the provider’s site.
  • Software-based call recording: uses recording software on your computer or server. The software records what goes through your computer’s sound card.
  • Hardware/appliance call recording: is an appliance based recording that’s placed with the VoIP equipment. The equipment then reads and interprets data that is transferred over a specific network port.

There are several advantages that come with call recording. We’ll take a look at these in the following sections.

1). Quality Assurance

Recording calls with clients can help gauge the success of a company’s customer care centre. From this, it’s possible to create IVR greetings, on-hold notifications, and scripts for employees. Letting customers know their calls are being recorded also gives them the assurance that their personal information is only being used to help them, and not for anything else.

2). Provide Feedback

Recorded calls are also excellent sources for providing feedback to employees who manage incoming calls. Both the employee and the manager can listen to a call together, and then discuss the positive and negative features of the call.

In addition, employees can listen to calls and see where they went wrong, then improve and better handle their calls. New hires can also learn from their colleague’s calls.

This is also a great way to help employees improve their communication skills, as well as how to effectively deal with difficult conversations and/or difficult customers.

For these reasons, recorded calls are a valuable tool in providing feedback and even training employees.

3). Keep Detailed Records

Recorded calls can be saved, too. For instance, the system can be used to verify customer information. In fact, today’s technology automatically saves the file to the client’s file, so the agent doesn’t have to. They can also easily search through the file to find the information they need.

Calls can also be saved and referred back to later to check previous conversations.

4). Identify Problems

Calls can be used to also identify issues between agents and customers. For instance, the agent may be saying something in a way that’s not helpful or beneficial to conversation. You can also see how customers are reacting to these interactions.

This is a great way to identify issues with communication styles, phrasing, and more. Use this information to modify scripts and customer satisfaction may improve.

5). Recover Missed Details

When you have the ability to go back and listen to a customer’s calls, you can gain important insights from the information. It’s a great way to find miscommunications between an employee and a customer, for instance.

6). Improvement of Products & Services

What happens when you receive a hundred calls in a day from customers who are having similar issues? This is a sign that there’s a major problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Recorded calls can provide you with the necessary information to see where things have gone wrong with a product or service. If many customers are unhappy with the same product, then the product needs to be fixed or scrapped. This can be determined using recorded calls.

7). Resolve Disputes Between Employees & Customers

Having the ability to go back and listen to a call can help you pinpoint exactly what led to the disagreement. This can be a valuable learning tool, but it can also be helpful in working out a resolution with the customer.

8). Beneficial to Marketing Campaigns

Another great benefit is that recorded calls can also help your marketing team. Having the marketing team listen to recorded customer calls gives them the chance to review interactions and see if they can determine what went wrong, as well as point out the positives. This information can then be used to improve marketing campaigns.

This can also be a useful exercise for marketers to identify keywords that are used most often by customers. These keywords can then be used in publications both off- and online.

9). Compliance with the Law

Some countries do have laws that require companies to record calls and then save them for a specific amount of time. The reason is that these recordings could be used as evidence in a lawsuit.

10). Constant Improvement

Recording calls is also a great way to monitor employees who work with customer calls. This way you’ll have information on customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction, how often specific problems appear in conversations, and more.

Using this as part of your company’s quality monitoring system is an excellent way to identify and improve those trouble areas.

11). Capture Customer Reviews

When customers call your company and want to relay a positive experience they’ve had with your product or service, it’s great to have a recorded call archived to refer back to.

Not only is this information a great confirmation that the company’s doing things right, but the recorded call can also be used for marketing and advertising purposes.

Call recording is a valuable tool that can be used by all types of businesses—not only call centres. If you have questions or would like to learn about our call recording services, then go ahead and contact us today. We’re looking forward to your call!