Using Technology To Deliver A Great Customer Service

Using Technology To Deliver A Great Customer Service

Great customer service can be boiled down to a few things. Your business needs to be responsive to the needs of it’s customer and clients, you need to communicate clearly with your target audience and it is essential that you always meet the expectations of anybody that engages with you. Overall good customer service is about building good relationships and providing a stand out experience is the best way to stand out above your competitors and get your clients returning again and again.

Fortunately these days technology allows us to improve customer service through data collection, monitoring and visualisation. One particular piece of software, Microsoft Dynamics, does this very well. Microsoft Dynamics is a customer relationship management that can collect, sort and visualise your customer data. With real time access to this information, there are many ways you can use it to improve your customer experience.



So how can software like Microsoft Dynamics help you provide even better customer service?


Management of contacts and monitoring of interactions

Dynamics functions as a fully fledged Customer Relationship Management system and provides you one central place to store all data you have about your customers. As well as including their phone number and email address, Dynamics also stores every interaction your company has with each person. This means you and your team can keep track of every engagement and always have the most up to date information about each of your contacts.

Managing caseloads

Managing caseloads with Dynamics is a breeze. Each contact can be assigned to a specific employee, ensuring everybody knows what they are responsible for. Once your staff understand which clients or potential customers they are responsible for and management can monitor performance in real time, it’s no surprise that customer service improves.

Real time manager oversight

Dynamics allows the visualisation of data in real time, so supervisors and managers can monitor the performances of their teams at any given moment. When your employees know that performance is being monitored and evaluated in real time, it inevitably improves their productivity and attention to the customer service experience.

Improved communication

Dynamics is effective in allowing you to improve the communication you have with your existing and potential customers. Each contact has a timeline attached to their record, listing every engagement your business has ever had from them regardless of the channel (e.g. text message, email, phone call). This makes it a lot easier for you to contact customers at the right moments and never miss another email.

Feedback and monitoring

With a custom Dynamics solution it’s effortless to create customer feedback forms and circulate these. After you’ve collected a number of responses, this data can be combined and visualised, allowing you to see trends and identify areas for improvement. If you can think of a metric, for example time customer spent waiting for delivery, then Dynamics can automatically collect and visualise this data.



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