What is Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics is a customer relationship management application.

Today’s organisations are undergoing a paradigm shift driven by technology to deliver meaningful customer engagement. Organisations are increasingly capitalising on technology’s ability to deliver predictive analysis on customer and unlock revenue in their data.

Microsoft Dynamics is a customer relationship database (CRM) that allows organisations to manage their communication with customers.

8 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics

1. Earn Customers for Life:

By integrating sales, marketing and customer service, Microsoft Dynamics connects everyone to a single source of customer information. This helps create consistency and unifies how clients experience your organisation.

2. Transform Process Efficiency:

Replace repetitive manual tasks with automated processes, ensuring that all staff follow a process that reflects your organisation’s rules and methodology with client contact.

3. Do Business Anywhere:

Microsoft Dynamics365 is hosted in the Cloud and licenses are available for Android, iOS and Windows devices.

4. Get Meaningful Insights:

Zero in on data that matters with real-time reporting and visuals. Discovers new insights for informed data-driven decision making.

5. Strong Integration with Microsoft Office 365:

Dynamics365 and Microsoft Office365 are strongly integrated which allows you to leverage Outlook, Excel and Word for an unrivalled integrated experience.

6. Manage Any Relationship & Processes:

Dyamics365 easily adapts to your business and industry to manage all your relationships and processes through connection applications to provide scalability that will fuel your growth.

7. Adaptive CRM Engine:

Respond quickly to customer and market changes within an agile, cloud-based environment that has digital intelligence already built it.

8. Safeguard your data:

Meet strict EU privacy criteria including GDPR. No matter where you do business, your customer data is safe in the Microsoft Cloud with UK Data-centres.

Case Study


Our client is a freight storage solutions reseller. The company had rapidly grown since its inception in 2014. The sales team had grown from a single member to a team of 8 staff. Leads were being generated through internet advertising. The volume of leads generated had increased to a level at which prospects were being overlooked. Additionally, management had very little analytical information with which to guide the organisation.

IT Support Leeds


Mansys was approached for a solution which would allow them to manage their sales leads. The client clearly specified that they wanted an application which could be proto-typed, then developed, and was agile enough to adapt to their changing needs.


Mansys proto-typed a solution for the client. The proto-type was refined and then developed into a full working Microsoft Dynamics solution. This solution allowed them to:

  1. Reduce time-consuming sales administration tasks
  2. Monitor the leads generated from each of their sales campaigns
  3. Automate their sales process, to stay in touch with prospects
  4. Follow-up sales enquiries more efficiently
  5. Identify and re-engage dormant sales enquiries
  6. Provide business decision makers with real-time business intelligence rather than having to rely on ‘gut feel’.
  7. Allow mobile sales people to access their data at any time
  8. Automate workflows
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  • The team at Mansys understand how our company operates as they have taken the time to research, which we feel is key in any client supplier relationship. They provide sensible solutions and provide sound advice on future investment and development of our IT systems and technology.

  • Mansys are one of those wonderful finds, who can really help SMEs get on with doing what they do best. We have been using them for ten years now.